Introducing me…

HI!  My name is Tony. I’m a Puerto Rican-American living in Seattle, working in a wonderful salon and enjoying everything this world has to offer.  I love to travel, eat and check out what’s new in my own city.  Urban adventures always light up my life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get away from the hustle and bustle every now and again.
This is my first blog and I hope you like what you see.  Feel free to message me with any tips or to ask for advice on where to go, what do to or where to shop in my fair city.
Live, love, laugh. 10632618_10152703863249672_5055204637116394693_n

7 thoughts on “Introducing me…

  1. Zuleika Grass says:

    I’m so looking forward to reading all of your blogs. I know you’re going to shine at it, just the way you leave a special sparkle in everyone’s heart that has the chance of meeting you.

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  2. Nannette says:

    I love this honey!! You and my girls are the air i breath, I love you and i look forward to reading your blogs :). * Live * Love & Laugh * are the words i live by. Love you your sister Nani!


  3. Dan Hatch says:

    Hey Tony, I really liked how the blog loads in an instant. I also really like the essential information and photographs, as well as how it is formatted. I’ve been wondering what Oddfellows Hall looks like on the inside! I found the blog interesting right away so I kept reading. Most of all, I love how you have your picture and caption at the end. Excellent touch!


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